Abdul Rasheed Muhammad

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Come and bring your friends and family to the masjid to break fast (iftar) with the community.

Tarweeh Prayer

Taraweeh prater is a long sunnah (voluntary) prayer performed during the month of Ramadan. It is prayed after Isha prayer. This prayer serves as another way that we can increase our connection with Allah (SWT) and earn more rewards with each rakat we pray.

Community Seeking Laylat al-Qadr (Night of Power)

Friday, April 5

Bring the family for iftar and stay the night at the masjid (i'tikaf) and enjoy suhoor with the community in the a.m. We will be seeking this very special night that Allah revealed to us in the Holy Quran!

"We have indeed revealed this (Message) in the Night of Power. And what will explain to thee what the night of power is? The Night of Power is better than a thousand months. Therein comes down angels and the Spirit by allah's permission on every errand.: Peace!...This until the rise of the morn!" al-Qur'an 97

Prayer Times


As Salaamu Alaikum!

(May the Peace & Blessngs of G-d be with you)

Eidul Fitr

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About Us

Located near downtown, Masjidul Taqwa was the first Masjid established in San Diego, California. Under the leadership of the late Imam W. Deen Mohammed, we are Muslims committed to human excellence as revealed in the Holy Qur'an to Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) and as exemplilfied in his life. A student of Imam W. Deen Mohammed, Imam Abdul-Rasheed Muhammad is the Resident Imam.

Masjidul Taqwa is a historic mosque! It was established in 1949 by early pioneers Brother Yusuf Abdullah and Brother Henry Majid under the leadership of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. It was the first temple on the West Coast and the eighth in the Nation of Islam.

After the passing of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Temple 8 under the leadership of the late Imam Warithdeen Muhammed (may Allah's mercy be upon him) began following the universal message of Al-Islam and the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Many of these same temples were renamed. Mosque #8 was re-named "Masjidul Taqwa of San Diego" by the late Imam W.D. Muhammad. Taqwa mean “God Conscious” in Arabic. 

As the oldest masjid on the West Coast established by indigenous people, we serve as a beacon for Muslims across the Americas. This community tells the history of Al-Islam in this country from the descendants of its former slaves in the path of the early sahabas, Islam transformed there lives and in doing so transformed a country.

We believe that Islam is the best way of life to establish our individual and community life.  Masjidul Taqwa follows the Qur'an, Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (saw), and the Tafseer of the late Imam W. D. Muhammad. This website tries to express the interest and culture of the African American Muslim along with the world Muslim community.

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Every Friday from 1:00- 1:30 pm

Jum'ah Prayer

Congregational prayer is prescribed for believers. "O you who believe! when the call is made for prayer on Friday, then hasten to the remembrance of Allah and leave off trading; that is better for you, if you only know?" HQ 62:9.

***You can follow us on Masjidul Taqwa San Diego FACEBOOK page to view the khutbah live.

Every Sunday from 12:30 - 1:30 pm

Talim Meeting

These "table talk" style discussions are designed to increase understanding of the faith and are held in the Pioneer Room (dining room) of the masjid. Discussions are led by varying members of the communinty. Talim sessions are also streamed live on our FaceBook page.

1st and 3rd Sunday from 11:30 - 12:30 pm

Sisters Group Meeting

These meetings are designed to enhance Islamic knowledge, and to increase the visibility and unity of Muslim Women.The 3rd Sunday of the month is open to ALL sisters. The 1st Sunday is limited to MEMBERS ONLY of Muslim Women of Masjidul Taqwa San Diego group. To become a member call (619) 239-6738 ext 101.

Last Sunday of the month after Jumuah

Brothers Group Meeting

These meetings are designed to strengthen the faith, community life, and brotherhood of believing men.

"The Believers, men and women, are protectors one of another: they enjoin the ma'roof (all of Islam), and forbid the munkar (all that is evil; kufr): they observe prayers, pay Zakat, and obey Allah and His Messenger. On them will Allah pour His mercy: for Allah is Exhalted in power, Wise." Holy Qur'an 9:71

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